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Why Dharmaset? They are more permanent than regular Acid Dyes, wash fast even in hot water, and completely intermixable to your heart's content to get any color or shade you want. They are a very concentrated mix of 1:2 metal complex, acid and reactive dyes with the highest wet and light fastness. A lot of wool dyers prefer Dharmaset to regular Acid Dyes. As do felters who use hot water in their felting process, as the Dharmasets won't bleed, but the Acid Dyes will. 

 Dharmaset Dyes have a couple of cons as well, so you make your choice. Some are very expensive. Directions are more involved than for Leveling or Milling class Acid dyes. Once the dyebath reaches optimal temperature, they tend to strike FAST! So if you need your dye job to be even and level, you will need to use some auxiliary chemicals besides just Vinegar or Citric Acid. LevelSet , Glaubers salt and Ammonium Sulfate are highly recommended for the most even dyeing.

Colors below will vary from computer monitor to monitor. Below depths of color achieved wit 2% OWG (% dye of weight of goods) for all except black, which is normally used at 5% OWG.

Dharmaset Acid dye, 50g

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inkl. MwSt.
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