Hand dyed SW Merino Nylon, 4-ply weight, 100g, LOST IN THE SEA FADE, #4 HORIZON.

Lost in the Sea fade is yarns dyed in line to be used for fade patterns. Buy one or buy as many as you need for your project. Mix and match them to achieve the result you are after or check out our fade sets.

75% SW Merino
25% Nylon

Approx. 425m/100g

4-PLY weight

Due to dye method used there will be differences between skeins, even if they are from the same dye lot. If your project asks for more than one skein I would suggest to alternate skeins every couple rows to get even pattern.

Hand dyed in Birmingham using professional acid dyes and dried using Mother Nature sunny days.

SW Merino Nylon, 4-ply weight, 100 g, LOST IN THE SEA FADE, #4 HORIZON

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